Our Team

Thomas C. Steele, President, T. Steele Construction

Tom has over 30 years of experience in the noise, vibration and seismic industry including both manufacturing and installation. He began his career in the industry as an Assembly Shop Foreman, for Vibration Mountings and Control where he worked his way up to plant manager with responsibility for supervising 40 men, overseeing shipping, receiving, purchasing, welding shop, cutting shop, scheduling and overall plant operation.

In 1997, Tom founded T. Steele Construction, a 3 million dollar company.
T. Steele Construction, Inc. installs, services, and constructs noise and vibration control systems offering solutions to your noise and vibration problems. T. Steele Construction installs complete isolation and seismic restraint of mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems and architectural components within buildings.

In 2005 Tom was made Executive Vice President of The VMC Group, which is the largest manufacturer of vibration and noise control components in the US. As Executive Vice President of The VMC Group, Tom has successfully implemented a reorganization of manufacturing processes which have streamlined efficiencies and has collaborated with the plant managers on trouble shooting and problem solving on labor and operational issues.

Richard C. Berger, Vice President, T. Steele Construction, Inc.

Richard is one of the most well known members of the shock and vibration community, with over 40 years experience in the vibration and seismic control industry. Richard is a foremost expert in the field of seismic restraint and has developed and designed several industry products which are patented, including the KIPWF (which still exists in many specifications 28 years later), the P-6000 Series Curbs and the R-7000 Series Equipment Supports, the EHSB, and the TAS Screening System.

Richard is the author of A Seismic Guidebook, a manual for non-structural building components. This Guidebook took the basics of vibration control, resonance and natural frequency, and applied common sense with nuts and bolts. Produced in seven succeeding editions through 2008, over 7,000 of these manuals have helped to serve as a guide for design professionals, owners, state and code officials, and contractors. Additionally, Richard is an AIA certified instructor who lectures on vibration and seismic control of non-structural building components and the IBC Code. Richard has been a frequent lecturer at EGSA and other industry conventions and has been published in trade journals such as ASHRAE, Rubber & Plastic News and Powerline Magazine. Additionally, as an expert in on line requirements for mission critical systems, Richard was selected as a contributing author for ASHRAE’s Handbook for Data Centers, and industry guide for 24/7 system requirements for mission critical operations.

Richard is also currently Chariman of The VMC Group, President of VMC East and President of The SGMEC Group.

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