We offer a wide range of services including:

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Acoustical Sound Barriers: We design, manufacture and install acoustical panels and sound enclosures for roof top chillers, HVAC units, fans, cooling towers and any and all other types of equipment. These sound enclosures use state of the art technology and are built to withstand exposure to all weather conditions. All systems are designed to meet the wind code requirements as per local building codes. These sound enclosures come in a variety  colors.

T. Steele Construction uses acoustical products manufactured by Atlantic Industries Limited for all of their acoustical sound barrier projects.   For more information on these products please visit their web site

Mechanical Projects: We install spring isolation mountings and hangers for mechanical equipment including but not limited to cooling towers, chillers, HVAC eqipment, piping, duct work and certain types of pumps and compressors.

These spring mounts limit the transmission of noise and vibration impact which cause disturbances and can shorten the life of any equipment. We also design and install concrete inertia bases, these concrete inertia bases are typically used under pumps and compressors; isolated fan bases, roof curbs and rails used for mounting large equipment and machinery to floors or roofs. All of these products are custom built according to customer specifications. Customers are provided with a detailed dimensional drawing for approval before any fabrication takes place.

Architectural Projects: We engineer, design and install a wide range of architectural isolation products. These products control any noise and vibration disturbances throughout a building’s structure – walls, floors or ceilings. These designs include isolated wall systems, isolated concrete floors, adjustable spring and neoprene floating floor systems, and isolated ceilings, which now includes a low profile ceiling isolation hanger system that requires minimal ceiling space. We also provide a high tech isolated floating floor system that incorporates wire rope isolators that have built in dampening capabilities.

Seismic Control: We engineer, design and install a wide variety of seismic mounts and restraints that will control the motion of equipment, piping, duct work, and other building components during a seismic event. This includes seismic control for the entire building structure.

Engineering: We have access to an engineering team which are either licensed Professional Engineers or have industry-recognized credentials. This allows us to offer a high level of technical support to our customers.

T. Steele Construction uses materials manufactured by Vibration Mountings & Controls Inc. a part of The VMC Group family for all of their architectural, mechanical and seismic control projects.  For more information on these products please visit their web site

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